Welcome to the 2020 Census Illinois map site to document the spread of COVID-19 while also including demographic information showing where residents are most vulnerable. It has been identified that many populations are more vulnerable, but that anyone, at any age, race, ethnicity or behavior, is at risk. Illinois implemented a shelter in place order starting March 25th to try and “flatten the curve” alleviating the overwhelming demand of the health care system.

There will be a slight lag in the reported data and since everything is happening so fast, it is difficult to verify the accuracy of every update. Therefore, the number of cases is to be taken in general and possibly not completely accurate. The pattern is of utmost importance and by sheltering in place and maintaining safe distance (10 feet) from others we can all play a part in saving lives.

The additional data provided is to help identify the most vulnerable populations. If you live in these areas take extra precautions to ensure our community well-being. The documentation provided by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) can be found at the link below explaining the calculation of the vulnerability index and what information was considered.

COVID-19 data is only available by county, not any other geographies.

Click on County to see detailed stats by County. Numbers within parentheses represent the new cases for that day.

Click here for additional information on the CDC's Social Vulnerability Index